Ahoy, Powder Monkey!

Top Rumble Guild!

Welcome aboard Mateys t’ the Scottish Seadogs!

We be a guild, not a country club!

Th’ Scottish Seadogs was formed in 2016 and be one o’ th’ oldest in th’ game.  We Seadogs have survived change and travails and be a grander thing than any one player.  Our rules be relaxed, but not so much that the Seadogs be uncompetitive in th’ game.  Th’ rules be balanced fer fun, relaxation, an’ serious play.

Every player be expected t’ pitch in and benefit.  How say ye? Be ACTIVE.

To be in good standing, keep yerself ACTIVE as scrawled below:

  • Be loggin’ in regularly.
  • We be chattin’ actively in th’ game – so should ye.
  • Do yer part ‘n pitch in t’ perks t’ benefit all.
  • Donate troops t’ yer fellow Seadogs.
  • Join guild events an’ rumble, whether they be needin’ yer participation or not.

Active players be the’ Seadogs heart – keepin’ us sharp an’ keepin’ us alive. Inactive scallywags harm the Seadogs’ ability t’ sustain ourselves.

Be ye active or walk ye the plank!

Th’ Seadog Code:

  1. Th’ rules can be changed.
  2. Yer life comes first.
  3. Monday and Wednesday the Seadogs be holdin’ Frumbles. No minimums, but be there an’ participate!
  4. Every Saturday be th’ Official Seadogs Rumble. Minimum rumblin’ be:
    • 5 winnin’ attacks, or
    • Pirate Hall (PH) 15, 6,000 pts;
    • PH 14, 5,000 pts;
    • PH 13, 4,000 pts;
    • PH 12, 3,000 pts;
    • PH 11, 2,000 pts;
    • PH 10, 1,000 pts;
    • PH 9, 750 pts;
    • PH 8 or lower, no points or attacks required.
  5. Guild events – 1 winnin’ attack; Fer th’ sailin’ event, 12,000 points — one good sail.
  6. Avast! If ye cannot participate in a guild event or th’ Saturday rumble, ask for Shore Leave.
  7. If ye be land lubbin’ away from th’ game fer more than 2 weeks, move t’ Seadogs R&R. The Seadogs will accept you back!
  8. If ye be battenin’ down th’ hatches t’ stop playing permanently, move to Seadogs R&R.

These be th’ Guild’s official rules. Now grab yer’ grog n’ let’s have fun, hearties!

Got ye questions?

  • A plunderin’ pirate keeps his nose out of books on a good day, but don’t be caught wit’ yer breeches down – give a gander at the Seadogs’ smart parts fer not-so-secrets ’bout the guild, donations, rumbles, events, and streaks!

Don’t ye be a stranger, eh, Squidie!

  • We be chattin’ actively in th’ game, so speakin’ English is a must.
  • Say Ahoy in game chat when ye be surfacin’ from fightin’. We enjoy a good wee laugh a’ yer mistakes, an’ yer wins.

Askin’ for help

  • We argh plenty o’ veteran pirates wise ‘n ways o’ strategic rumbling an’ plunderin’, and all things pirate.

Tha’ be it Mate!

  • Settle in, ha’e a grog or three, ha’e fun, and we will see ye ‘n th’ high seas!

In case ye just stumbled o’ us from a search, we’re a pirate’s guild in Midoki’s Plunder Pirates for iOS an’ Android.  Not playing?  Well heck then, get ye t’ the app store an’ see to it!