Still Standing Event Guide

Very simple event and rewards are good with gems being included as well. 

Different to other events, the majority of points can come from the remaining pirates at the completion of the battle. Points from winning the battle are 1 for 1 on event tokens but are a minor part of the tokens when a lot of pirates remain.

The good news is that everyone should be able to finish the event without too much difficulty.

Take note: as per Lynsey’s statement you cannot use the finish button. To get points you must win the battle and have time run out or achieve three stars, after which you’ll get bonus points for all remaining pirates.

The easiest way of having a lot of pirates remaining is to attack the bases you find easiest to attack. Those with rushed bases are going to suffer if they come out from their shields. Attacking 2 Ph’s below your level will limit the win points but maximise on surviving pirates so is a very valid strategy to complete the event (my highest event tokens in one battle has come from this practice).

Those used to attacking with skellies, multiple WD’s and Priestesses, will have an advantage in relation to bonus points.