Plundertime Event Guide

​The Plunder Time event is merely normal game play with rewards for all grog and gold stolen. Grog/gold received from sailing exploration, videos, errands do not count towards the event.

You must win the battle for points to count to the event. 

​Rewards are based on amount of resources stolen from others in battle. Event strategy is up to you, and will vary dependent on whether you prefer all out attacks, farming, or streaking.

​Tips: Adding a few thieves to your crew may give you the advantage of being able to salvage some resources from a blown attack (you must get at least a 1 star win to get event points), or give you the flexibility to farm the right base while looking for all out attacks.

Mack McKraken’s Thief buffing “Thermidor” suit reduces the “Who Goes There?” ability cool down by 20%, and increases toughness by 15%.