About Streaks

How streaks work

If you fight and win a bunch of battles in a single session without quitting, you can earn treasure chests with lots of good stuff.  Since recruiting troops between battles takes time, streaks encourage playing with gems, but there are ways to streak without spending lots of gems.  Forum: Streak Rewards

Streak earnings

The treasure chests earned during streaks contain gold, grog, lots of battle points (good for upgrading Academy), and materials for upgrading legendary pirates.  The rewards are pretty good up to about 30 wins in a row, but get infrequent after that point.

Leaving during a streak

Yes, but your streak count (number of wins) will decrease by 1 if you leave, unless you leave at a particular time.  It has to be done immediately after winning a chest – for example, after win number 5, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30… you’ll win a chest and get a prompt to re-recruit your pirates.  Press the re-recruit button so the recruit timer shows, then you can safely exit the game and come back later to continue your streak.

Streak Farming for Battle Points & Chests

Streak farming?

It’s a way to streak without spending a TON of gems to earn lots of treasure chests, with lots of materials and battle points.  It involves sniping or 1-starring to win battles without using lots of troops.

Sniping and the art of the 1-star victory

Streaks don’t require 3-star victories, only 1-star.  To get a 1-star victory, all you need to do is knock down the pirate hall with a few troops.  Summed up below, but also see Forum: Uninhibited Pirate’s Guide to Streaking.

How to streak

Drop Rank: Drop your pirate rank down low (1-50) by surrendering lots of battles.  At higher ranks, it’s much harder to find islands with exposed pirate halls – most of them will be tucked way back behind the walls where you can’t reach them easily.

Find an Exposed Pirate Hall: Start a battle and keep tapping Next until you come across an island with an exposed pirate hall.  You might have to look a bit, but if you dropped rank, you’ll find it.  Your enemies while streaking are ground pounders, bunkers, and mortars.  If your gunners are within range of them, this won’t work, so you really need to examine the island to make sure your gunners will have a safe place to shoot from while taking out the pirate hall.  Forum: Exposed pirate halls

Snipe!  Use just a few gunners to take out the pirate hall.  End the battle when the pirate hall falls, giving you a 1-star victory.  You can use legendaries to knock down the pirate hall more quickly and with fewer gunners.

Re-recruit and repeat.  Since you only use a few gunners, the recruit should only take 2-3 min and can be skipped with a single gem.  In this way, you can do a 30 streak with about 30 gems, in about 1 hour.  You can also do it with no gems, taking 2-3 minutes between wins to re-recruit, so about 90-120 minutes for a 30-streak.  You may want to drop rank once or twice during the streak, just to keep finding those exposed pirate halls.

Get rank back up before rumbles!  Don’t get caught with your rank down at the beginning of a rumble, or it will take a while before you can earn decent plunder points toward the rumble.

To gem, or not to gem…

Streak farming with gems…

Costs about 1 gem per win, if you use no more than 7-8 pirates.  Without gems, you need to wait 2-3 minutes for those pirates to recruit, without leaving the game.  Totally doable, just takes a bit more patience.

Is it worth it?

Who knows?  Definitely a personal decision.  Some hoard their gems, others spray them everywhere.  We don’t judge.  🙂