Scottish Seadogs Donation Requirements

Donate to guild perks when you can

Donate 5-10% for any perk that’s ready for funding, whenever you can.  There isn’t a strict minimum requirement, but we’re proud of our nearly instant perk funding and like to keep it that way.  🙂  When you can’t afford to donate, no worries.  If you can afford more, it’s still best to leave some room for other members to donate, unless perhaps we’re in the thick of a rumble and in a pinch for donations to a critical perk like the pirate catcher.

Donate guild ship pirates – gunners or ghastly gunners

When other Seadogs request pirate donations, try to donate whenever you can.  The standard donation is gunners.  It doesn’t matter whether your gunners are low level or high — donations are always appreciated regardless of pirate level.

Keep your pirate donation ratio ship-shape

If you tap the guild icon, go to the roster, and choose the pirate donations section, you’ll see a list of each Seadog’s donation ratio.  This is the number of pirates you’ve donated vs. the number you’ve requested and received.  We like to see these numbers within about 300 of each other, so if you’ve received 1,500 pirates and donated 1,000, you should step up the donations to get the numbers in balance, just so everyone is doing their part.  Remember, gunners are the standard donation.  They’re cheap and fast to recruit, and pirate level doesn’t matter for donations.

Can’t donate pirates fast enough?

Pirate donations happen really quickly in the Seadogs.  Between rumbles you might wait for a bit, but during a rumble requests are often filled in seconds.  If you’re trying to get your donation ratio up, your best bet is to hang out in the game with the chat window open for a few minutes, so you can be the first to catch them.  You can also offer up donations via chat whenever you’d like.  There won’t always be someone there to request, but it’s worth a shot.

Want a special kind of troop or a high level troop?  Just ask, but be prepared to wait!

We have no minimum level for donated troops.  We’ve put a lot of thought into this, talked about it several times as a guild, and have kept it this way because as a guild, we welcome all different levels of experience and always want everyone to be part of one team.  To start to separate crew based on their level of troop would lead to 2 tiers of crew within the guild.  So if you prefer a certain level of gunner, or a different type of troop, please enter this into your request, but be understanding if someone misses the note and donates plain old low-level gunners.  We were all there once, and part of being a Seadog is training up your troops, so please have patience for the new dogs.  Our default troop donation is gunner unless something else is requested.

More on Guild Perks

Guild perks are only available to you when you’re in a guild.  You can create and upgrade them as your guild hall levels up.


Strengthens your walls to defend your island when you’re attacked.  Not so much use during rumbles, but can help to save your gold and grog in between.


Allows your pirates to do more damage in battle.  Great for rumbles for this reason.

Pirate Catcher

Significantly speeds up recruiting — a fully maxed pirate catcher can cut your recruit time from almost an hour to 30 min.  This is critical during rumbles, when you want to get in as many battles as you can and still have time in between to spare some gunners for donations.

Training Ground

Increases the toughness of your pirates so they can last longer in battles.  Great for rumbles for this reason.


Speeds your exploration ship to make journeys faster.  Critical for Sir Henry Boggs exploration events.  Sir Henry Boggs Strategy in forum.