Rumble Requirements

Rumbles… the best thing since sliced worm castles

For veteran pirates who were around before the days of guilds, rumbles have breathed new life into the game.  During the rumble, any winning raid by a guild member (except revenge raids) earns plunder points.  The guild with the most plunder points at the end of the rumble wins. With the win, everyone in the guild earns gems, grog, and gold, and guilds are ranked based on their weekly plunder points.  Our guild’s high rank is a big part of what makes it possible for us to keep our roster full of active pirates, and the rumbles give us a chance to play together and kick some scurvy arse.

We frumble Mondays and Wednesdays – no minimum

Sometimes during events, we add a few extra frumbles with no minimums.

Official rumbles every Saturday – Minimum requirements:

    • 5 winning attacks, or
    • Pirate Hall (PH) 15, 6,000 pts;
    • PH 14, 5,000 pts; 
    • PH 13, 4,000 pts; 
    • PH 12, 3,000 pts; 
    • PH 11, 2,000 pts; 
    • PH 10, 1,000 pts; 
    • PH 9, 750 pts; 
    • PH 8 or lower, no points or attacks required.

The guild with the most plunder points at the end of the rumble wins.  With the win, everyone in the guild earns gems, grog, and gold.  Making sure that everyone does their part keeps it fair.  Guilds are also ranked based on their rumble scores, and our rank is a big part of what makes it possible for us to keep our roster full of active pirates.

The Seadogs are a force in these waters now, but it’s not always been this way.  A lot of you won’t remember when it was a crew of 4-5.  We spent a lot of time building this guild and we want to continue to see it grow.  When we ask for minimum PP or we ask for people to give valid reasons before a rumble we do it so that everything is fair.  A rumble is 24 hours and really, it’s not hard to hit the min PP set for each PH level.

If you have a question, we want to hear it and we can try to resolve it.  We want this to be a team effort — the Seadogs don’t quit easily — not in a rumble, and not in life at sea!  See you all the next rumble.  Let’s push it and show the rest of the guilds what we’re made of!

Higher pirate hall, higher rumble minimum

It’s much easier to earn more plunder points as your pirate hall level increases, so we’ve tried to find a balance that makes it fair for everyone, while encouraging members to keep upgrading.  Your pirates and legendaries are getting stronger (as long as you’re training them).  Your guild perks are also getting more powerful as you upgrade them, allowing you to recruit pirates faster and do more damage in battles.

Trouble hitting the minimum?

1. See the advice below on plunder points, but remember, 5 winning attacks meets the minimum, regardless of your total points.

2. Upgrade your troops.  Max them out as quickly as you can.  Upgrade your Academy and Voodoo Hut when your favorite troops are maxed out, so you can train them more.  See Streaks for info on earning battle points to do upgrade the Academy.

3. Get and upgrade the blacksmith, pirate catcher, and training ground as soon as you can.  See Donations for more info.

4. Talk to us in chat!  We’ll always be happy to help.

Just upgraded ye olde pirate hall?  Can’t hit minimum?

We’ve all been there – no worries, it takes a few rumbles to train up.  Just be sure to upgrade your academy and voodoo hut right after your pirate hall, so you can start training your pirates up higher.  Training your troops up to the max for your pirate hall makes all the difference.

Why is it based on Pirate Hall level, and not Academy or Voodoo Hut?

PIrate Hall level only directly affects what bases you can attack, and how many points you get for each.  How easy it is to attack those bases depends on troop levels (which depend on academy and voodoo hut) and perk levels (blacksmith, training ground).  Since all of those things can be upgraded when you hit a new PH level, and since it’s easy to keep track of PH level and hard to keep track of all of those, we just base the mins on the PH.

Preparing for Rumbles

Before a rumble

Get your rank to a reasonable level – drop rank if you need to, or win a few battles to get up to the right range for your pirate hall level.  Farm for some grog to build up plenty for recruits – you don’t want to come up short during the rumble.  Send a full ship of pirates on a short cruise, then recruit another so you’ll have two sets ready to go at the start of the rumble.

Dropping rank

Your pirate rank affects which islands you’re pitted against for battles, and how many plunder points you’ll receive for each island you defeat.  If your rank is really high, you’ll be pitted against really tough foes.  A rumble isn’t the time to be losing battles, so you may want to drop your rank a bit before and during the rumble to ensure more wins.  If you’ve been farming and your rank is low, it will be really hard to meet your minimum without bringing your rank back up to the average for your pirate hall level (about 200+ for PH 10).

To drop rank: Attack an island an surrender without dropping any pirates.  Repeat.  Even better, bring some gunners and target islands with exposed gold and grog, so you can build up grog on your way down.

To raise rank: Win some battles!

Plunder Points

How to get gobs of plunder points

Battle everything that moves!  OK… it’s a bit more complicated than that, but that’s the spirit:

Get your pirate rank right.  Too low and you’ll get paltry points for winning battles.  Too high and you’ll lose too many. The relationship between PR and points gained shown here.

Get 3-star defeats!  A 1-star defeat is worth a fraction of a 3, and a 2-star is worth about half.  3-star victories are the way to go when you can.  You get 1 star for defeating the pirate hall, another for hitting 50% destruction, and another for hitting 100% / total destruction.

Know (cherry-pick) your enemy. At 400 gold per island, it’s really cheap to flip through a bunch of islands until you find one that you think you can 3-star.  Choose islands where you’re comfortable that you can knock down the pirate hall, otherwise you’ll be facing a 1-star victory at best.  Also look for islands with a high plunder point reward and at least as much grog as it costs you to recruit a full ship of pirates, otherwise you’ll soon be out of grog.

Plan your attack. Examine the defenses before you choose an island.  Beware ground pounders, especially when each is covering the other in its range.  Think about how you’ll take out the pounders before you attack, otherwise you’ll be walking away with your tail between your legs.  Also keep an eye out for bunkers and mortars, which can ruin your day if you don’t knock them out quickly.

Things that affect your plunder points

It mostly comes down to your rank and the rank of the pirate you defeat.  You’ll always earn more plunder points for attacking pirates of a higher rank, but you can also earn more plunder points for every battle when you keep your rank at a respectable range during the rumble.  The same battle that earns you 350 PP with a low rank might earn you 500 or more when your rank is higher.  This scoring change was introduced in January 2016.