Ahoy, Powder Monkey!


We Rumble Twice a Week

Note to visitors – because we need to leave space
for our R&R members to come back for rumbles,
the Seadogs aren’t accepting new permanent crew currently.

Visitors are always welcome to stop by and visit
for a rumble, though, if there’s room.  🙂

Welcome aboard Matey t’ the Scottish Seadogs!  Ye be askin’ what argh t’ basics o’ bein’ a Seadog? Read up o’ it here wit’ yer good eye:

When we play

  • We be active adults ‘n this here guild an’ we be settin’ sail fer a hearty rumble twice a week.

Rumblin’ Requirements

  • Battle t’ get yer minimum plunder points each rumble. Ye don’t want t’ be walkin’ the plank fer missin’ yer minimum now do ye?
    • 1,000 for Pirate Hall 7
    • 1,500 for Pirate Hall 8
    • 2,500 for Pirate Hall 9
    • 3,500 for seasoned pirates wit’ Pirate Hall 10 or 11
  • Keep yer guild ship pirate request t’ donation ratio even. Don’t be an arse an’ only take ’em! Share ’em wit’ yer fellow pirates too!
  • Contribute to guild perks when ye can Matey. Many hooks makes less work.
  • Questions?

Got ye questions?

  • A plunderin’ pirate keeps his nose out of books on a good day, but don’t be caught wit’ yer breeches down – give a gander at the Seadogs’ smart parts fer not-so-secrets ’bout the guild, donations, rumbles, events, and streaks!

Don’t ye be a stranger, eh, Squidie!

  • We be chattin’ actively in th’ game, so speakin’ English is a must.
  • Say Ahoy in game chat when ye be surfacin’ from fightin’. We enjoy a good wee laugh a’ yer mistakes, an’ yer wins.

Askin’ for help

  • We argh plenty o’ veteran pirates wise ‘n ways o’ strategic rumbling an’ plunderin’, and all things pirate.

Tha’ be it Mate!

  • Settle in, ha’e a grog or three, ha’e fun, and we will see ye ‘n th’ high seas!

In case ye just stumbled o’ us from a search, we’re a pirate’s guild in Midoki’s Plunder Pirates for iOS an’ Android.  Not playing?  Well heck then, get ye t’ the app store an’ see to it!