Guild Events

About Guild Events at the Seadogs…

When guild events come along, we all have a chance to help each other reap the rewards, and in the Seadog spirit, we want to see everyone doing their part as much as possible.

For Boggs’ sailing event, this means always keeping your ship out sailing, targeting deepest waters, and 5* monsters with a crew that can handle it (go heavy on the bombers). If you can, time your sails so they’ll end at a time when you can start a new one. Maybe set a reminder too. You can also start a sail a day or two before the event starts, then just avoid visiting the map screen until the event starts so the points will count.

For Thunderstruck, Plunder Time, & Still Standing, this means lots of attacks, whenever you’re on and have a few minutes. If you’re a dedicated rumbler and you put your time in during our two weekly rumbles, you’ll probably make good progress toward your contribution just by rumbling, but please try to get in some battles between rumbles too, to keep things going. Remember, a few battles here and there are free (no gems) and really add up.

Event Minimums? No. Event Expectations? Yes please! It’s one thing to say that we’d like everyone to meet minimums during rumbles. We always rumble at the same times, and it doesn’t take much to meet our modest minimums, so this is a reasonable goal. We also feel strongly that life comes first, so any time you might miss the rumble minimum, all you need to do is let us know in advance.

Guild events are a different story. The target scores are really high. If we all shared the burden equally, Thunderstruck and Plunder Time would have each player doing 3-star attacks 10-15 times a day all week. For Thunderstruck, the 1.5 million point goal, with 50 crew, 2% per crew, that would mean 30K points per player. We know that’s not always going to be possible, so all we ask is that everyone do their best.

We also have some crew who like rumbling so much that they’re going to go far beyond that 30K. Since scoring stops when we hit the goal, this means that not everyone is going to have to go crazy, but we still want to see everyone do their best, when they can.

For long-term Seadogs

If you’re a loyal crew member and always meet your rumble minimums, we want to be flexible during events, so just do your best. Try to play a bit harder than you normally would, if life allows it.

If you’re visiting Seadogs for an event, or you’re a long-time Seadogs R&R member coming for the event:

Because you’re coming to join a strong guild to win the event, we expect you to really do your best. We only have 50 crew slots for the event, so we want to make sure that any extra crew are contributing.

Long-time Seadogs get some leeway because they’re always helping us push during rumbles. We’ll always welcome friends to visit for the events, but if you’re only a Seadog for the events, we really need to see you contribute your share of the goal (about 2%), so that long-time Seadogs don’t feel like you’re taking advantage of their hard work in making the Seadogs something special.

Some basic guidelines:

  • Start on day 1 of the event. Even if we don’t rumble for a day or two, get a head start.
  • Play early, play often. We often finish events in less than the time allowed, so don’t expect to get your time in on the last day. Once we hit the goal, your chance to contribute is up.
  • If you’re visiting from R&R, shoot for 1% – 3% of the goal.
  • If you’re visiting from our neighbor guilds, shoot for 2% – 3% of the goal.
  • Checking in daily to collect rewards without battling? Mega-bad style. Don’t do it.  🙂  If you’re a long-time Seadog and life is busy, we understand. If you joined just for the event, no hard feelings, but this will get you kicked.