About the Seadogs

Who be these Seadogs?

…an adult guild of Plunder Pirates players who rumble twice a week.

The Seadogs be found…

…not just in Scotland!  Our crew spans the globe with members in many countries.  We have crew from all over the world, so there’s almost always someone in the game to keep things interesting.

The Seadogs speak…

English — sorry, but if you can’t keep up in chat, you won’t have much fun at the Seadogs, so our crew needs to speak English.

The Seadogs need…

…active crew who participate, chat, and play in both of our rumbles every week!  We’re looking for players at pirate hall level 9 and above.

Play – Rumbles twice every week on the same days.  The minimum plunder points per rumble are:

    • 900 for Pirate Hall 7
    • 1,600 for Pirate Hall 8
    • 2,300 for Pirate Hall 9
    • 3,000 for Pirate Hall 10
    • 3,700 for Pirate Hall 11
    • 4,400 for Pirate Hall 12
    • 5,100 for Pirate Hall 13
    • 5,800 for Pirate Hall 14
    • 6,500 for Pirate Hall 15

Gunner donations – Fill guild ship pirate requests when you can.  Our standard donation is gunners or ghastly gunners.  Troop level doesn’t matter for donations.  Just keep your donated & received totals (in the guild stats) within 300 of each other.

Perk donations – When a guild perk is up for funding, contribute 5 or 10% if you can.

Don’t be a stranger – We all chat actively in the game, so speaking English is a must to stay in touch.  Say hi in the game when you can.

Ask for help – We have plenty of veteran players happy to help with your questions about plundering, rumbling, and all things pirate.

Pirate Hall

We’re generally open to players at pirate hall 7 or above.  We might make an exception if we can see from your pirate stats that you’re an up-and-comer.

Pirate Rank

Your pirate goes up and down as you win and lose.  It doesn’t matter to us, as long as you can meet the minimum points at rumble time.  Some like to keep their rank high, others like to drop low for farming.  Just know that the higher your rank, the more points you’ll score for each battle during rumbles.  Find the rank that gives you the right balance between challenge and winning.  🙂

 Keep ye in touch!

Can’t play for a rumble or two?

Not a problem, but let us know in game chat or the Line chat group before the rumble.  Missing the minimum when you’ve given warning is always OK.  Life happens.  Just be sure to let us know if you think you’ll have trouble hitting the minimum.

Going to be away for more than two rumbles?

Sail over to Seadogs R&R, our rest & relaxation guild.  We’ll save you a spot by the swim-up bar.  🙂

Seadogs Line Chat

We have a chat group outside the game for Crew level and higher.  Set up the Line chat app, create an ID (settings > account > ID), then let us know your Line account ID in game chat and we’ll invite you.