Saturday, 29 October 2016 Rumble Awards

Hey Seadogs!  Another smooth, coasting, snoozing sort of rumble today, but a solid score and the gems don’t hurt.  🙂  Today’s results:

Scottish Seadogs: 239,557
Suomi Piraatit: 80,562
Морские волки: 67,412
Good ship Venus: 17,610
Украïна: 1,868

Trophies (10K+): Dog Breath Trophy 22,168, Seaclearer Trophy 17,149, Ashu Trophy 16,648, cr@zy eYe Trophy 15,982, Ellzee Trophy 11,866, Govan53 Trophy 10,475

Medals (5K+): 10Atioussports-medal, Undertaker01sports-medal, Stoney Toothsports-medal, 850arrsports-medal, RedBeardysports-medal, Mick McStaggerssports-medal, Nickw888sports-medal, Kristofferkicksports-medal, GBsports-medal

Remember to fill out the rumble time poll so we can choose some rumble start times that will work well for the crew.

Thanks, and see you around until Wednesday.  Wednesday’s rumble will probably be at 2pm Eastern / 6pm UK / 5am Sydney.  Hopefully we can figure out some new times for rumbles starting next Saturday.