(When) Are Ye Ready to Rumble?

Hey Seadogs!

The final (we think) word on rumble start time…

After all of the back and forth on the surprisingly complicated question of rumble start time, we found that none of the times seemed to work quite as well as our good old original time.  We bumped it an hour later to make life a little easier for a few players, but so the new rumble start time is 8pm GMT / 3pm NYC time.

We’ve left the info below for curiosity for a bit.

– – – – – – – – – – –

There’s been a lot of talk about playing with different start times, to give people a shot at being online for the start/end of a rumble and give us an advantage of being able to make a surprise run at the end.

We set up a poll to see what times would work best for everyone.