Saturday, 19 August 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs – it’s the Scottish Seadogs Rumble Awards!  Today’s awards are from Cap’n Dog Breath:

Congratulations on another rumble win!  Nice win Seadogs – our score was more than the other 4 guilds combined!

Today’s Scores:

Scottish Seadogs: 228,725
Espana Corsarios: 74,259
France Gallions 2: 30,105
Pillage&Plunder: 15,474
Aaaarrrrrrr: 5,783

We have two Blue Anchors awards today, for scores 25K and higher:
Seaclearer 30,160!
Dog Breath 27,753!

Nice job there, Sea!

We have three Trophy winners today, for scores 10K and higher:
Cap’N Black 12,157,
Jeff Puetz 11,369,
ElFrenetico 11,264

Well done mateys!

And 13 Medal winners, for scores of 5K and higher:
Stoney Tooth , Oak Island , Govan53 , Cr@zy eYe , 850Arrr , Pirate Gaz , James , stv1919 , Mantor , Lotso , Smudger , Rich , SD

Congratulations to all our award winners today. Special mention needed here, James, outstanding score for PH8!

We had a large group on shore leave this rumble, which makes our win more incredible.

Other news of the day – ElFrenetico has been busy, check for the Seadogs Rumble Awards in the pirate forum,  Nice work Elf.

Thunderstruck is coming!  2 Days 14 hours to go.  The officers have had a chat and have decided that we will rumble as our normal schedule Wed and Sat, with minimums and we will also have 2 frumbles – no minimums.  The frumbles will follow each of our regular rumbles.  That way we will have a day off in the middle to catch our breath.

OK, that is it from me, time for another coffee to kick start the day, have a great day!

See you next rumble.