Wednesday, 23 August 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

Today’s awards by Cap’n Dog Breath. =)

Woo hoo!  We beat ’em for 2nd place by 2,556 BP!  Nice!  The Chinese guild remains as the #1 rumble guild, so very happy with our 2nd place.

Today’s Scores:

China: 459,908
Scottish Seadogs: 324,778
Brasil Force: 322,222
Chili & Banane: 132,110
German Pirates: 59,789

Today’s Rumble Awards:

We have 3 Blue Anchor awards today.  Our top scorer and first Seadog to complete the event is:
Seaclearer 30,627!  Go Sea!  Closely followed by:
Smudger 28,567! Nice job Smudger.  🙂  And…
Dog Breath 25,131!

Great pirating there mateys – yyyaarrrgggghhh!

There are 9 Trophies today, for scores 10K and higher:
10Atious 21,141, 850Arrr 16,780, ElFrenetico 16,748, GB 13,410, stv1919 11,559, Cr@zy eYe 10,794, Cap’N Black 10,766, Argh the Pirate 10,522, Aragorn 10,365.

Great playing mates!

And 9 Medal winners today, for scores of 5K and higher:
Green-eyed Lou , Booty Slappa , Undertaker01 , Oak Island , Jeff Puetz , Laaah , Hooknut , Fuzz , Lotso

Congratulations to all our award winners today!

Special mention to our newbie g5gcd5, fantastic score for PH7 4,764BP.

The Name That Island competition has ended and in the end Midoki gave 3 prizes instead of just the one.  So on the new North Sea sailing map you will see 3 islands named by playing pirates.  First island will be Tyrfing’s Torment… you will have to Google it.  =)  The other two are Frostbite Cove and Icengard.  Hope you are enjoying this event – after this Frumble we will next rumble as our normal schedule Saturday, minimums will apply.

That’s enough from me today, have a great day!