Wednesday, 16 August 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

Sorry not to have much to say for this edition of the awards.  I was out for this rumble, so I’m just catching up on things.  Congratulations to the Seadogs on a respectable score, and to Россия on a well-fought rumble.  🙂

Today’s Scores:

Россия: 362,539
Scottish Seadogs: 314,871
Chili & Banane: 108,728
Suomi Piraatit: 70,632
Wind Raiders: 63,145

Today’s Rumble Awards:

We have four Blue Anchors today, for scores over 25K:
Cap’N Black 28,781! Seaclearer 28,480! Dog Breath 27,164! Smudger 25,435!

Six Trophies today, for scores over 10K:
850Arrr 21,023, stv1919 20,093, Cr@zy eYe 19,842, GB 14,446, 10Atious 11,446, Pirate Gaz 10,373

And finally, we have 11 Medals, for scores over 5K:
Oak Island , Jeff Puetz , Husar , Aragorn , Birnie , Govan53 , Lotso , Stoney Tooth , Capt Misfit , Intimidator , Mantor

See you next rumble!