Saturday, 3 December 2016 Rumble Awards

Hey Seadogs!  Getting back into the swing but I think we knew what was coming when we were matched with dNd yesterday.  🙂  Some pretty serious competition and they kept a solid lead on us throughout.  Things were a bit lazy at the dogs this time – guess it’s a busy time of year.  We’ll see how we do the next few rumbles.  We’ll be taking a break for the holidays but we have a few more we hope to do well on between now and then.  Today’s results:

drunkNdisorderly: 372,980
Scottish Seadogs: 265,208
420 Pirates: 53,830
Fully Funded Too: 21,937
Russia: 10,548

Today’s awards:

The Blue Anchor (25K): Seaclearer Blue Anchor 25,167!, ElFrenetico Blue Anchor 25,075!

Trophies (10K+): Cr@zy eYe Trophy 20,870, 850Arrr Trophy 20,726, Dog Breath Trophy 19,248, SlobberchopsTM Trophy 11,239

Medals (5K+): GBsports-medal, Govan53sports-medal, LiquidRhinosports-medal, 10Atioussports-medal, Parrotheadsports-medal, Mick McStaggerssports-medal, Laaahsports-medal, Ashusports-medal, Aragornsports-medal, Tosermansports-medal, SDsports-medal

See you on Wednesday!