Wednesday, 8 December 2016 Rumble Awards

Hey Seadogs!  A whopping 450K score on a weekday with a little help from our friends from Midnight Rustler.  Thanks for stopping by, Piper & Scarlet!  The results:

Россия: 528,944
Scottish Seadogs: 454,378
Armada Française: 314,556
50RUSских…П…: 14,260
China: 4,583

The Blue Anchor (25K): Dog Breath Blue Anchor 33,364!, 10Atious Blue Anchor 29,036!, Pie Eyed Piper Blue Anchor 27,790!, Scarlet Fever Blue Anchor 25,908!, Aragorn Blue Anchor 25,541!, Seaclearer Blue Anchor 25,142!

Trophies (10K+): 850Arrr Trophy 20,474, GB Trophy 20,006, Ashu Trophy 16,667, Govan53 Trophy 16,507, Parrothead Trophy 15,039, ElFrenetico Trophy 14,907, Ruben Trophy 13,667, Kristofferkick Trophy 12,276, Birnie Trophy 11,590, RedOctober Trophy 10,831, Rock le Jock Trophy 10,375, DevonBoy21 Trophy 10,262

Medals (5K+): SlobberchopsTM sports-medal, Laaah sports-medal, Lotso sports-medal, Mick McStaggers sports-medal, Fuzz sports-medal, PlunderJack sports-medal, Cr@zy eYe sports-medal, Rich sports-medal, SD sports-medal, Capt Misfit sports-medal, Argh the Pirate sports-medal, NickW888 sports-medal

See you on Saturday!