Wednesday, 30 November 2016 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

Another tough one today – solid playing all around but it wasn’t quite enough for Armada Franca:

Armada 💥 Française: 379,560
Scottish Seadogs: 310,049
La locanda nera: 181,551
Шапокляк: 81,764
Русские: 16,602

Today’s awards:

The Blue Anchor (25K): Aragorn Blue Anchor 25,883!

An impressive 10 Trophies (10K+): 850Arrr Trophy 22,968, Dog Breath Trophy 22,128, Seaclearer Trophy 17,332, 10Atious Trophy 16,008, GB Trophy 12,036, Cr@zy eYe Trophy 11,157, Parrothead Trophy 11,083, Ashu Trophy 10,425, Birnie Trophy 10,360

And a whopping 17 Medals! (5K+): ElFreneticosports-medal, Govan53sports-medal, Kristofferkicksports-medal, Capt Misfitsports-medal, Rubensports-medal, Oak Islandsports-medal, LiquidRhinosports-medal, Mick McStaggerssports-medal, PlunderJacksports-medal, SlobberchopsTMsports-medal, Tosermansports-medal, DevonBoy21sports-medal, Undertaker01sports-medal, Laaahsports-medal, Rock le Jocksports-medal, SDsports-medal, NickW888sports-medal

Great rumbling everyone!  See you on Saturday at 8pm GMT / 3pm NYC time.