Saturday, 6 November 2016 -=EPIC!=- Rumble Awards!

Hi Seadogs!

It’s a good day to be a Seadog.  🙂  AMAZING rumble today with a rally like we’ve never seen before.  Even with 7 mates on shore leave, we managed to set records for highest rumble score, number of anchors, number of trophies, and a fair few personal bests to boot!  Here are the results:

Scottish Seadogs: 503,849!  A new record!
La Locanda Nera: 495,791 – A VERY worthy opponent today!
Wild Piggies: 149,157 – Hi forum neighbors! Sorry to catch you in the crossfire!
British Outlaws: 99,785
Русские идут: 46,226

Lots of awards today:

The Blue Anchor (25K): Seaclearer Blue Anchor 43,526!, 10Atious Blue Anchor 40,453!, 850arr Blue Anchor 39,217!, cr@zy eYe Blue Anchor 36,303!, Dog Breath Blue Anchor 33,979!, Govan53 Blue Anchor 31,211!

Trophies (10K+): GB Trophy 18,803, Lotso Trophy 17,391, Kristofferkick Trophy 16,483, Parrothead Trophy 16,450, Oak Island Trophy 15,202, Sicasni Trophy 13,367, Birnie Trophy 13,054, Nickw888 Trophy 12,502, Rich Trophy 12,197, SlobberchopsTM Trophy 12,064, and an honorable tip of the eye patch to Rock le Jock at 9,911!

Medals (5K+): Rock le Jocksports-medal, RedBeardysports-medal, Tosermansports-medal, Ashusports-medal, Boy Named Suesports-medal, RedOctobersports-medal, Ellzeesports-medal, Silent Divinitysports-medal, SDsports-medal, Devonboy21sports-medal, Undertaker01sports-medal, Stoney Toothsports-medal, and a tip of the patch to (Sparky 60) at just 73 points shy!

Announcement: New Rumble Time!

Thanks for doing the survey to everyone who got their answers in.  The officers have read the tea leaves and chosen one of the times that looks like it will work best for the most mates.  This is a trial, so definitely let us know how it’s working out.  Our goal is to get a competitive edge by ending rumbles at a time when the most players would be able to join the final rally.

See the survey results.

New Rumble Time: 0:30 UK Time / 7:30 pm New York Time.  See you then!

In the meantime, hope everyone gets some some well-earned farming or seaside lounge chair time.  🙂

Great playing Seadogs!