Wednesday, 10th November 2016 Rumble Awards

Hey Seadogs!  First rumble at our new rumble start time and the results were… meh!  Not a big deal though – plenty going on, so congrats to Brasil Force on their very energetically held win, and on their new guild high score.  They got a lead early and worked hard to keep it the whole time.

The scores:

Brasil Force: 356,634
Scottish Seadogs: 322,678
AWs Rapscallions: 134,622
Brasil Team: 87,002
Dark Crusaders: 25,966

The Blue Anchor (25K): Dog Breath Blue Anchor 35,065!

Trophies (10K+): cr@zy eYe Trophy 21,685, 10Atious Trophy 20,964, Govan53 Trophy 17,664, Seaclearer Trophy 16,629, Aragorn Trophy 14,159, Ashu Trophy 12,984, 850arrr Trophy 12,244, Stoney Tooth Trophy 12,021, Parrothead Trophy 11,806, GB Trophy 10,706, Ellzee Trophy 10,511, Ruben Trophy 10,478, ElFrenetico Trophy 10,165

Medals (5K+): Birniesports-medal, Nickw888sports-medal, Kristofferkicksports-medal, Mick McStaggerssports-medal, Rock le Jocksports-medal, Lotsosports-medal, Richsports-medal, RedOctobersports-medal

Cap’n Dog’s Announcements: 

I think we all agree that the new rumble start time didn’t work well this rumble.  Given that it was a work day the new time didn’t give us the strategy we were looking for.  Will be interested in your feedback over the next couple of days.  We will try the same time for Saturday’s rumble and see how that works.  Gotta try new things!

Guild donation troops: there was a discussion a while ago and suggestions made.  Officers have had a discussion on this and have decided to leave the current troop donations as is.  The reason behind this is as a guild we welcome all different levels of experience and always want everyone to be part of one team.  To start to separate crew based on their level of troop would lead to 2 tiers of crew within the guild.  So if you prefer a certain level of gunner, or a different type of troop, please enter this into your request.  Our default troop donation is gunner unless something else is requested.

We are no. 32 guild and no. 22 for rumbles.  Great!!

OK, that’s it from me, have a great day Seadogs!