Saturday, 12 August 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

It’s the Scottish Seadogs Rumble Awards, with special thanks to Pegleg Squad!

Congratulations to each and every one of you for an incredible win over Chili and Banane, very impressive!  Our score of 660,774 has pushed our ranking to 13th for our guild and 9th for rumbles on the global leaderboards.  We cracked top 10!  Woo hoo!  🙂  Amazing – truly amazing.

A big thank you to the crew at Chili and Banane for pushing us so hard – their top scorer was Jack Sparrow at 103,323.  You are an impressive group of pirates!

Today’s Scores:

Scottish Seadogs: 660,774
Chili & Banane: 612,017
420 Pirates: 106,948
Bloodhound Gang: 69,164
USA Pirateers: 39,045

Today’s Rumble Awards:

Our top award today goes to Cap’N Black, with a whomping Golden Anchor at 105,945!  Congratulations Cap’n Black!  Truly a tremendous achievement – take a bow.   🙂

We have three more giant Golden Anchors today, for scores 50K and higher:
Seaclearer 73,391!
Smudger 56,959!
Dog Breath 56,848!

For scores 25K and higher, we have three blue anchors today – more incredible scores:
Intimidator 36,459! 10Atious 26,498! Cr@zy eYe 25,449!

For Scores 10K and higher, trophies go out to:
Flame 20,762, Becker The Redbeard 18,908, beuk 18,726, 850Arrr 16,844, Jeff Puetz 12,509, Rock le Jock 12,436, Govan53 11,614, Valuta 11,403, Juggernaut 10,834, stv1919 10,113

Finally, Medals for those scoring 5K or above:
GB , Holts6 , Birnie , Aragorn , Husar , ElFrenetico , Argh the Pirate , TheQueen , Fuzz , SD , Lotso

What a fantastic rumble, and what a fantastic result!  Congratulations everyone, we have what it takes when we need to pull together, and in this case, a huge thanks to our friends visiting from Pegleg Squad – not sure we could have done it without you, mates!

See you all next rumble.  🙂