Wednesday 1 March 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!  Today’s scores:

Scottish Seadogs: 276,782
Blacktooth Grins: 139,654
Sorry, lost the other 3!

The Blue Anchor (25K+): Smudger Blue Anchor 26,621!  Seaclearer Blue Anchor 25,970!

Trophies (10K+): Dog Breath Trophy 20,580, Cap’N Black Trophy 13,385, ☠️Kratman Trophy 12,988, GB Trophy 12,598, 10Atious Trophy 10,914, Cr@zy eYe Trophy 10,602, Ashu Trophy 10,223

Medals (5K+): Rock le Jock sports-medal, 850Arrr sports-medal, Ellzee sports-medal, Mick McStaggers sports-medal, Govan53 sports-medal, Laaah sports-medal, Undertaker01 sports-medal, Oak Island sports-medal, ElFrenetico sports-medal, DevonBoy21 sports-medal, Capt Misfit sports-medal

See you next rumble!