Frumbles! No minimums until the New Year

Hi Seadogs!

We’ve had an exhausting few weeks and it’s a busy and crazy time for many in the guild with the holidays coming up.  Between that and Thunderstruck event, which always means grog shortages, we’re going into FRUMBLE mode for the next few weeks.

We’ll still be rumbling on Wednesdays and Saturdays as usual, but for fun only.  There are no minimums, and participation is totally optional.  We won’t be doing 24×7 rumbles for Thunderstruck, because it was confusing for some members last time and we think everyone could use a real break.

If anyone would like some real competitive rumbles in the meantime, just let us know and we can find a friendly guild you can visit for a rumble or two.  Of course, you’d be welcome back at Seadogs after the visit.

Enjoy the next few weeks!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!