Saturday, 26 November 2016 Rumble Awards

Hey Seadogs!  We’re still playing with the rumble times a bit.  Actually, I’m late with posting results so I’m posting this two weeks later and I know where we settled, but I’m pretending that we’re still playing with the rumble times so it seems like I wrote this when I should have.

Today’s awards:

The Blue Anchor (25K): Seaclearer Blue Anchor 27,306!, 10Atious Blue Anchor 26,992!, Dog Breath Blue Anchor 25,944!

Trophies (10K+): 850Arrr Trophy 15,320, Cr@zy eYe Trophy 15,037, Ellzee Trophy 11,323, Ashu Trophy 10,840

Medals (5K+): GBsports-medal, ElFreneticosports-medal, Mick McStaggerssports-medal, RedBeardysports-medal, A-Thorneysports-medal, SlobberchopsTMsports-medal, Capt Misfitsports-medal, Lotsosports-medal

See you on Wednesday!