Saturday, 12 November 2016 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!  A snooze and a half today, but a solid score in spite of not needing to push things.  Results:

Scottish Seadogs: 238,963
Oh, Canada Rocks: 87,411
USA: 53,118
420 Pirates: 50,981
United Pirates: 9,013

Trophies (10K+): Dob Breath Trophy 20,348, 850Arrr Trophy 17,804, Sicasni Trophy 16,871, Seaclearer Trophy 13,949, cr@zy eYe Trophy 11,735, Ashu Trophy 11,281, 10atious Trophy 10,457

Medals (5K+): Parrothead sports-medal 8,311, Ellzee sports-medal 7,511, Lotso sports-medal 6,569, Birnie sports-medal 6,390, RedBeardy sports-medal 5,763, ElFrenetico sports-medal 5,699, A-thorney sports-medal 5,340, Mick McStaggers sports-medal 5,330, Fuzz sports-medal 5,322

The word from Captain Dog Breath:

After last Wednesday’s rumble, we all agree that the start time wasn’t good. For Wednesday’s rumble we will trial a new start time of 11:30pm US ET which is 04:30am UK.  Any feedback on rumble start/finish is most welcome.  It’s a pity this rumble wasn’t a bit more feisty but I think the Sat. time of 7:30pm ET will work.  We may very well end up with different times for the Wed and Sat rumbles.  Have a great day Seadogs!