Wednesday, 27 September 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

It’s the Scottish Seadogs rumble awards!!!

Seadogs 709,978!  RFF 629,828, Firewater 276,915, we won by 80,150!  Incredible win Seadogs!  Truly amazing effort by everyone and it was midweek as well.  Astounding win, I didn’t think we would win when we matched, so glad I was proved wrong!  Yyyaarrgghh!

We led from the very start, thank you everyone.  Okey dokey, we have a long awards presentation so get comfy.  We have 35 awards to be presented!

Today’s Scores:

Scottish Seadogs 709,978
Red Flag Fleet 629,828
Firewater 276,915
Imperial Crew 24,665
Reddit Echo 15,065

Today’s Rumble Awards:

Our top scorer and 1st of 4 Gold Anchor awards for scoring 50K and higher is our resident old mutt…
Dog Breath 65,396!
Cap’N Black 55,530!
scoopy 53,425!
Seaclearer 51,772!

Amazing scores!

We have 5 Blue Anchor awards for scores over 25K:
850Arrr 48,324! Cocobean 43,047! Intimidator 33,711! Cr@zy eYe 32,298! Smudger 25,712!

More amazing scores!  Well done mateys!

The 11 Trophies for scoring over 10K go to:
Govan53 23,327, Firefly 21,678, Hooknut 18,374, Carman5912 18,117, 10Atious 14,825, Argh the Pirate 13,473, Lotso 12,208, GB 12,194, stv1919 11,587, Aragorn 11,341, Oak Island 11,130

Congratulations mateys!

And we have 15 Medal winners for scores over 5K:
Pirate Gaz , Nightbeard , Lady , DevonBoy21 , Captain Dutchie , Rich , Rock le Jock , Jeff Puetz , Mantor , Toserman , Fuzz , srpjd97h , Undertaker01 , Laaah , Keneth

Congratulations to all our award winners today!  Congratulations to everyone, so great to beat RFF and Firewater!  Great job everyone!

Other news of the day…

We have a few personal best scores from this rumble…  Cocobean, Scoopy and Dog Breath, woo hoo mateys!

A bit of housekeeping – 2 QM’s will be either on shore leave or on after the start of the next rumble, so to ensure rumble start coverage, we are going to swap a couple of the officers around for Saturday’s rumble.

OK, that’s enough from me.  An amazing effort by everyone, especially for a mid week rumble, incredible!  A very happy Seadog here!