Saturday, 23 September 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

It’s the Scottish Seadogs rumble awards!

Fantastic effort in the rumble everyone, we might have scored 2nd place but our score of 494,064 is almost double our average and we are now no. 8 on the rumble leaderboard.  Outstanding effort by everyone.  Again we have a stack of awards today, 30 to be exact.

Today’s Scores:

drunkNdisorderly 828,511
Scottish Seadogs 494,064
British Pirates 58,083
Jolly Mutineers 19,580
Dead Man’s Chest 10,150

Today’s Rumble Awards:

Our top scorer and winner of the Golden Anchor is the resident energizer bunny who doesn’t stop…
Seaclearer 50,234!

Congratulations Seaclearer!

We have 5 Blue Anchors today, for scores 25K and higher:
Cr@zy eYe 42,975! Dog Breath 32,680! Intimidator 26,915! Aragorn 25,961! Jeff Puetz 25,340!

Congratulations mateys, nice!  Special mention for Jeff Puetz, his 1st Blue Anchor!

We have 10 Trophy winners today, for scores 10K and higher:
Firefly 23,276, Cocobean 20,943, 850Arrr 15,520, Captain Dutchie 15,120, Cap’N Black 12,317, Smudger 11,484, Carman5912 11,321, Mantor 10,721, 10Atious 10,575, Lotso 10,454

Congratulations to our Trophy winners today!

And we have 14 Medals, for scores of 5K and higher:
Oak Island , Nightbeard , RedRuby , GB , Hooknut , tiffiehumeralis , scoopy , stv1919 , Undertaker01 , Lady , Rich , Stoney Tooth , DevonBoy21 , Pirate Gaz


Congratulations to all our award winners!

For the second rumble in a row, we have NO missed minimums!  Woo hoo!  Thanks everyone, great effort.

Okey dokey, other news of the day…

The Officers announce promotions!

To be promoted to the rank of Crew are:

Scoopy, Captain Dutchie, Carman, Nightbeard, Lady, Tiffiehumeralis, Keneth, Srpjd97h, Shiver Me Timbers and Cocobean!


Oh man, that is a bit nerve wracking, those buttons are so small, nightmare for fat fingers, 1 slip and anything can happen LOL!

Congratulations to Cr@zy, just hit a personal best Pirate Rank of 901!  Nice job Cr@zy.

OK, that’s it from me today, feel like I have been here for an hour!

Have a great day everyone.

See you next rumble.