Wednesday, 20 September 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

It’s Captain Dog Breath, with the Scottish Seadogs Rumble Awards!

Woo hoo!  We flogged the competition with a score of 581,497!  Our lead was almost 180,000BP.  Impressive pirating Seadogs!  We have 31 awards to give out.

Special mention to Rubi the power monkey from the Japanese guild, the lone scorer in that guild.  OK, let’s do this.

Today’s Scores:

Scottish Seadogs 581,497
Firewater 402,640
Espana corsarios 127,733
Chinese guild 2,195
Japanese guild 20

Today’s Rumble Awards:

**Our top scorer and winner of the prestigious Golden Anchor for a score of over 50K is: **
Cr@zy eYe 50,101!

Wow Cr@zy!  So impressive!

We have 5 Blue Anchor winners today, for scores of 25K and higher:
Dog Breath 41,935! Seaclearer 39,975! 850Arrr 37,610! scoopy 31,547! Aragorn 30,861!

Congratulations mateys.

We have 11 Trophy winners today, for scores 10K and higher:

Firefly 23,878, Hooknut 22,387, Argh the Pirate 22,379, Cocobean 21,642, 10Atious 21,588, Captain Dutchie 20,409, Cap’N Black 18,546, GB 14,101, Govan53 12,192, Carman5912 11,318, Jeff Puetz 10,161

Outstanding pirating!

And we have 15 Medals to be awarded, for scores of 5K and higher:
stv1919 , Green-eyed Lou , Nightbeard , Rock le Jock , Mantor , Intimidator , DevonBoy21 , Toserman , Lotso , Lady , Oak Island , Undertaker01 , Rich , Stoney Tooth , RedRuby

Congratulations to all our award winners today!  Outstanding scores from every Seadog today, great teamwork Seadogs.  Fantastic to see everyone getting into the rumble, amazing effort from everyone and it was mid week as well.

Other news of the day…

The Officers announce a promotion, for completing and meeting minimums for 4 rumbles…

Firefly is promoted to Crew!  Congratulations Firefly.

g5 Great score in the end, know you had a rough start to the rumble, so glad you stuck it out.

Chev, please say hi when you are on, we aren’t accepting any permanent crew at the moment but you are welcome to stay and rumble with us on Saturday.

OK Seadogs that’s it from me today, keep those ships sailing, there is 10,000BP on the horizon!

Have a great day.  See you next rumble.