Wednesday, 30 August 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

Today’s awards are from Capn’ Dog Breath.

Nice cruisy win Seadogs!  Our score of 235,469, after the Thunderstruck event is pretty damn good.  Great job everyone.

Today’s Scores:

Scottish Seadogs 235,469
Espana corsarios 163,260
Chinese guild (laterns) 69,529
Chinese guild 14,886
RUSSIA 1,826

Today’s Rumble Awards:

We have one Blue Anchor for scoring 25K or higher, our top scorer and a damn fine pirate is…
Seaclearer 25,794!
Woo hoo, Sea!

There are 6 Trophies today, for scoring 10K or higher:
Dog Breath 22,103, GB 12,537, 850Arrr 11,772, 10Atious 10,657, Cr@zy eYe 10,232, Intimidator 10,128
Yyyaaarrrrggghhh!  Nice pirating mateys!

And our 12 Medal winners today, for scores of 5K and higher, are:
Govan53 , stv1919 , Green-eyed Lou , Cap’N Black , Hooknut , Oak Island , Aragorn , ElFrenetico , Pirate Gaz , Pirate525252 , Stoney Tooth , Jeff Puetz

Congratulations to all our award winners today!

OK, other news of the day.  Our fellow pirate Mick McStaggers has been off line now for 32 days.  The officers have been trying to contact Mick through other media channels but have had no response.  The officers have had a lengthy discussion and have come to the rather painful decision to let Mick go.

Mick, we all hope that you will sail back to the Seadogs where you will be most welcome.  Happy sails Mick.

We’ll miss Mick’s grog box.  As a result of Mick’s leaving the guild, we have an officer’s position to fill.  The officers invite crew who are interested in the position to contact any officer through Line or in game chat. You will need to either be on the Line app or willing to join.

The officers’ role involves posting perks funding, vetting pirates wanting to join, assisting with inquiries from crew, and the most important role, joining officer discussions on just about anything from promotions, rumbles, etc.  Anyone from the rank of Crew is invited.

The US Labour Day long weekend is this weekend.  Last year we had a lot of crew on shore leave.  Last year we ended up cancelling the rumble, so if you could let us know, a decision can be made.

No news from Midoki about the next update.  The new map must be about to drop… surely!  Just hoping there is a bit more than a new map.  Lynsey has said there are new things planned, but no timeline.

OK Seadogs that’s it from me today, have a great day.

See you next rumble!