Saturday, 2 September 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

Today’s rumble awards by Officer 850arrr!

Hear ye hear ye it’s now time for the Seadogs Rumble Awards!

Great effort on the rumble, no misses from the crew and we smashed the other four guilds. 👊

Today’s Scores:

Scottish Seadogs: 252,601
Art of Pillaging: 128,480
Aussie Razors: 102,078
Va Grogers: 2,577
Swedish Vikings: 953

Our top scoring mate who grabbed the Blue Anchor is
Seaclearer 26,112!

Great job good sir! 👏👏

Up next we had nine trophy winners!  For scores 10K and higher:
850Arrr 21,874, Govan53 15,701, Cap’N Black 15,126, Dog Breath 15,015, Smudger 11,360, Mantor 11,097, stv1919 10,386, 10Atious 10,250, Jeff Puetz 10,058

Great job mates, solid playing right there. 👊

To cap it off we had eight Medal, for scores of 5K and higher:
Intimidator , GB , Argh the Pirate , Rock le Jock , Rich , Lotso , Toserman , Husar

Nice job Seadogs.  👏👏  This concludes the rumble awards, and now just to mention another time we are continuing to look for crew who want to be an officer.

We have had a couple step up and we will announce the promotions before the next rumble but we’d like to keep the door open if more would like a shot.

Duties entail that you must have the Line app, pitch in with our discussions, help funding of perks and be open to getting the captain a 🍺 when he asks for it.  😎 Oh – that goes for quartermasters too.

Alrighty then, break out that rake and shovel, it’s farming time till our next rumble.

Congratulations Seadogs on another rumble win!  Yyyaaarrrgghhh!