Saturday, 11 March 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!  

Congratulations to DoA on their new guild and a solid win!  The bad news, they won against us…

Just kidding, good luck to them!  Don’t know about you but very pleased with our battle, great score Seadogs!  We are placed 21st as a guild and ranked 7th on the rumble leader board!  Congratulations everyone, that is our highest ranking ever!

Today’s scores:

DoA: 525,357
Scottish Seadogs: 382,480
Suomi Piraatit: 72,890
Danske Rumblere: 69,914
Queen Anne’s Rev: 3,778

The Golden Anchor (50K+): Smudger Golden Anchor 51,591!  Seaclearer Golden Anchor 50,677!  Amazing well done guys.

The Blue Anchor (25K+): Cr@azy eYe Blue Anchor 37,040!  Cap’n Black Blue Anchor 35,336!  Dog Breath Blue Anchor 28,991!  Congratulations, also very impressive.  🙂

Trophies (10K+): Kratman Trophy 20,067, ElFrenetico Trophy 15,070, Govan Trophy 11,308, Ashu Trophy 11,205, Jeff Puetz Trophy 10,779, 850arrr Trophy 10,105 – woo hoo mateys!

Medals (5K+): GB sports-medal, Undertaker sports-medal, Devonboy sports-medal, Mick McStaggers sports-medal, Rock le Jock sports-medal, Laaah sports-medal, Sparky sports-medal, stv1919 sports-medal, SD sports-medal, Redbeardy sports-medal, Oak Island sports-medal, Lotso sports-medal.  Congratulations to all the award winners today, great job mateys.

Remember to let us know when you’re going to be out for a rumble or a few, or even if things are just busy and you might not make your minimum.  We always say here at Seadogs, life first, if you can’t play, even if it is mid rumble just let us know.  You can post in game chat or through Line.

Also reminder – when someone requests to join the guild please leave this for the officers to handle, not because we are control freaks, but we have a “do not accept” list, and also sometimes may accept lower ranking newer players into R&R, if they look promising.

OK Seadogs – good rumble by everyone, very happy with our result, well done!  The update must be about to drop, should be fun!

See you next time.