Wednesday, 8th March 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

We had an absolutely AMAZING battle today with Fight Club – this was our record score for all time and neck-and-neck the whole way through.  In the end, Fight Club took the win by 8K with scores in the 900K’s – amazing fighting Seadogs!

Thanks to our visitors, Blueberry and LackofEyeQ – you were both a big part of this, and the Seadogs as a whole had record performance today pretty much across the board.  🙂

Today’s scores:

Fight Club: 938,811
Scottish Seadogs: 930,377!  Our new record!
Armada Franca: 227,383
Wind Raiders: 109,567
Россия: 41,093

The Golden Anchor (50K+): LackofEyeQ Golden Anchor 132,367!  ☠️Kratman Golden Anchor 73,276!
Cap’N Black Golden Anchor 71,780!  Blueberry Golden Anchor 64,713!  Cr@zy eYe Golden Anchor 51,292!

The Blue Anchor (25K+): Dog Breath Blue Anchor 47,984!  Seaclearer Blue Anchor 45,085!  10Atious Blue Anchor 41,582!  Smudger Blue Anchor 35,236!  GB Blue Anchor 33,769!  Aragorn Blue Anchor 33,647!  Ashu Blue Anchor 31,107!  stv1919 Blue Anchor 28,044!  Oak Island Blue Anchor 26,196!

Trophies (10K+): 850Arrr Trophy 17,596, ElFrenetico Trophy 15,264, Govan53 Trophy 15,053, Undertaker01 Trophy 14,751, Laaah Trophy 14,314, Birnie Trophy 12,228, Toserman Trophy 12,177, Rock le Jock Trophy 12,053, Rich Trophy 11,893, Mick McStaggers Trophy 11,475, Jeff Puetz Trophy 10,532 Trophy

Medals (5K+): Ruben sports-medal, SD sports-medal, Boy Named Sue sports-medal, RedBeardy sports-medal, Captain Jack sports-medal, Lotso sports-medal

Amazing rumble Seadogs – see you next rumble!  Thanks again, Blueberry & LoEQ – happy sailing.