Wednesday, 4 January 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!  A quiet start to the new year, here are the scores as the grog wears off and we start to look around the detritus for our sea legs.  🙂

Armada Français: 363,279
España Piratas: 338,907
Predoni Italiani: 237,814
Scottish Seadogs: 202,045 (oof)
American Pirates: 86,755

Trophies (10K+): Mick Trophy McStaggers 17,994, stv1919 Trophy 15,674, Ashu Trophy 13,611, 850Arrr Trophy 12,814, Seaclearer Trophy 12,349, Birnie Trophy 11,375, ElFrenetico Trophy 10,414

Medals (5K+): Ellzee sports-medal, Oak Island sports-medal, 10Atious sports-medal, GB sports-medal, Aragorn sports-medal, Parrothead sports-medal, Laaah sports-medal, Toserman sports-medal, Rock le Jock sports-medal, Fuzz sports-medal, Rich sports-medal, Cr@zy eYe sports-medal

See you next time!