Saturday, 7 January 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!  Climbing back to our usual selves, not quite there yet but signs of life.  🙂  Today’s scores:

Россия: 319,900
Scottish Seadogs: 233,928
Portugal U.: 105,060
Russial Wolf Bro: 93,561
An Active Guild: 5,775

Trophies (10K+): Seaclearer Trophy 22,476, 850Arrr Trophy 21,702, Cr@zy eYe Trophy 14,216, Ashu Trophy 12,072, RedBeardy Trophy 11,718, stv1919 Trophy 10,952, Ellzee Trophy 10,576, 10Atious Trophy 10,307

Medals (5K+): Govan53 sports-medal, Aragorn sports-medal, GB sports-medal, ElFrenetico sports-medal, Kristofferkick sports-medal, Rich sports-medal, Oak Island sports-medal, Parrothead sports-medal, NickW888 sports-medal

See you next rumble!