Saturday, 7 October 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

Today’s rumble awards are from ElFrenetico.

A great rumble with great solid competition to boot.  Not too many guilds are lucky enough to pull off the scores we do, but it’s great to see rival guilds keep up the fight to the end, even when the lead is too wide to catch up.  Hats off to solid performance from our rivals, and hats to the ground for the usual great performance from The Dogs!  : )

Today’s scores:

Scottish Seadogs 513,477
Aussie Razors 358,526
Meyham Mutineers 171,660
Rogue Raiders 105,228
German U20 Gilde 87,772

Our top scorer today, and our first blue anchor winner, with a score of 41,431…

Seaclearer 41,431!  Amazing playing Sea!

We have 5 more Blue Anchors for scores 25K and higher:

Intimidator 41,279!
Cr@zy eYe 39,503!
850Arrr 34,922!
Dog Breath 26,777!
Cap’N Black 26,664!

Stellar plundering mates!

We have a very healthy 12 Trophies today, for scores 10K and higher:
Captain Dutchie 22,605, Nightbeard 20,396, Tessa Rose 16,453, scoopy 15,323, Carman5912 14,453, stv1919 12,780, Jeff Puetz 12,749, Cocobean 12,406, Smudger 11,461, Firefly 11,216, ElFrenetico 11,132, Lotso 11,089

Excellent playing all around, trophy winners!

Finally, we have 14 Medal winners today, for scores of 5K and higher:
Hooknut , Fuzz , Aragorn , 10Atious , Argh the Pirate , Green-eyed Lou , Oak Island , DevonBoy21 , srpjd97h , Rock le Jock , Rich , Govan53 , Lady , Laaah

Congratulations medal winners!  Extra worm castles & grog all around Seadogs!  Congratulations to all of our award winners!


Special thanks also to our visitors for the event!

OK, on to other news of the day…

Welcome again to all of the new Seadogs!  It’s great to have a full-to-the-poop-deck ship full of active players!  : )  No better time for it than Thunderstruck, too.  We’re at about 65% completion for the event.  We’re about 62% through the event time-wise.  So, we’re slightly ahead of the curve, but it’s a bit close for comfort, because we only have a single frumble between now and the end of the event.

There’s no pressure for anyone to spend gems, but we also don’t want the top 50% to have to do all of the heavy lifting to make up for some very deflated-looking contributions at the bottom.  We just ask that if your contribution is in the bottom few, please take a look and remember the general guideline of 20K or so for PH 10/11 players.

There are no hard requirements, other than the normal rumble minimums.  We just like to see everyone do their part when possible, because we all share in the rewards.

20K for a PH10/11 is based on 1% of the event goal.  Since each of us is 2% of crew, that seemed like a reasonable and modest guideline.  Obviously for newer players with lower PH, this is not a reasonable goal, so don’t wory.  As long as you’re making an effort, that’s all we can ask.

As we get closer to the end, we should compare notes and decide whether it’s worth pushing to finish.  OK, enough about that!  I’m always wordy, so I’m off to rest my weary thumbs.  : )  Congrats on a great win, and enjoy the frumble!