Saturday, 9 September 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

Today’s rumble awards are from the Breath of the Dog himself!

Today’s Scores:

Scottish Seadogs 329,890
50RUScknx 130,314
Galions Francais 56,974
Przegrywy 1,036
FCBarcelona 410

Nice win in the rumble Seadogs and Pegleg Squad!  Final score of 329,890, well above our average!  Woo hoo!

And we finished the event just under 3 days to go!  Impressive!  Thank you everyone, outstanding effort!

On to our awards for the rumble.

Our top scorer and winner of the Blue Anchor, for scores 25K and higher, is…
Seaclearer 26,758!
Outstanding Sea!  Considering you had to battle Irma as well, great score.

We have 10 Trophy winners today, for scores 10K and higher:
Cr@zy eYe 19,651, Dog Breath 16,110, BeckerTheRdbeard 15,047, stv1919 14,146, Beuk 12,750, Firefly 11,978, 850Arrr 11,313, TheQueen 11,262, Jeff Puetz 10,876, Smudger 10,407

Congratulations Trophy winners!

And we have 14 Medal winners today, for scores of 5K and higher:
GB , Cap’N Black , 10Atious , RedBeardy , Govan53 , Lotso , Oak Island , Holts6 , Shadow Stalker , Valuta , RedRuby , Stoney Tooth , Sparky 60 , ElFrenetico

Congratulations to all our award winners today!

Okey dokey, other news of the day…

Congratulations to Queen, a personal best for a rumble!  May your pirating be filled with rubies!

Congratulations to stv1919, no. 2 on the Belgium leaderboard!

A big thank you to Pegleg Squad, couldn’t have finished the event so early without your tremendous support.  Always great to have you here with us for events and rumbles.  Hope you will be back for another event.

Seadogs R&R came in 3rd in their very first fun rumble, only four of us scored, Laird Atherton was the first to win a battle.  Had a lot of fun, so much they are having another fun rumble.

ElFrenetico has written a guide for events, which is now available on our website,  Check it out, gives guidelines on expectations for guild events.

OK, that’s more than enough from me today, we are back to our normal rumble schedule, next rumble Wednesday, minimums apply.

Have a great day everyone!