Wednesday, 9 August 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

A good solid rumble today, courtesy of good old Seadog slobber-power and a good chunk of help from our visiting friends from Pegleg.

Today’s Scores:

Scottish Seadogs: 295,417
Wind Raiders: 121,580
Minibar: 30,832
PoccNR CnEU: 11,632
Vikings: 209

Today’s Rumble Awards:

Two Blue Anchors today, for scores over 25K+:
Seaclearer 25,952! Dog Breath 25,600!

We have 6 Trophies, for scores 10K and higher:
beuk 15,394, Capt Misfit 12,507, Smudger 12,306, Cap’N Black 12,289, GB 11,460, ElFrenetico 10,914

And a tidy 15 Medals today, for scores 5K and up: Flame, redbirds fan , Valuta , 10Atious , 850Arrr , Oak Island , Becker The Rdbeard , Intimidator , Jeff Puetz , Fuzz , Govan53 , stv1919 , SD , Mantor , RedBeardy

Great fighting everyone, and cheers to our rumble rivals!  Hope everyone’s doing well in the Boggs event.  We’re 1/3 of the way there and going strong.  Another day or so and we’ll all be cashing in our second sails.

In honor of our visiting Pegleg friends, we’ll be doing an extra frumble today, after a 12-hour break.  No minimum for this one – just for fun – then we’ll be back to our usual weekend rumble with minimums for Seadogs, but no minimums for our visitors from Seadogs R&R and Pegleg.

See you next rumble!