Saturday, 28 January 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!  We had some tough competition this time – Banging Skulls will never make it easy.  🙂  Thanks for putting up a good fight to the end anyway!

Banging Skulls: 511,397
Scottish Seadogs: 331,515
Deutschland: 135,563
Galions Français: 101,861
la Québécoise: 33,336

The Golden Anchor (50K+): Seaclearer Golden Anchor 57,476!

The Blue Anchor (25K+): Cr@zy eYe Blue Anchor 38,570!, Dog Breath Blue Anchor 32,718!

Trophies (10K+):Mick McStaggers Trophy 13,025, Argh the Pirate Trophy 12,919, stv1919 Trophy 12,735, Aragorn Trophy 12,451, Ellzee Trophy 12,033, 10Atious Trophy 12,021, Ashu Trophy 11,088, 850Arrr Trophy 10,940, ElFrenetico Trophy 10,190

Medals (5K+): RedBeardy sports-medal, Ruben sports-medal, Govan53 sports-medal, Oak Island sports-medal, Rich sports-medal, Undertaker01 sports-medal, GB sports-medal

See you next rumble!