Wednesday, 17 October 2016 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!  A good solid Seadog rumble today with a nice sneak attack in the last third!  Results:

Scottish Seadogs: 334,479
Каракатица: 310,233
China: 290,830
Aussie Razors: 74,113
Ummm…: 63,144

The Blue Anchor (25K): Sicasni Blue Anchor 26,082!, cr@zy eYe Blue Anchor 25,432!

Trophies (10K+): Dog Breath Trophy 25,432, 850arr Trophy 23,703, 10Atious Trophy 23,360, Ashu Trophy 16,595, Seaclearer Trophy 13,054, Mick McStaggers Trophy 13,000, Govan53 Trophy 12,536, A-Thorney Trophy 12,273, Ellzee Trophy 11,629, LiquidRhino Trophy 10,906, Parrothead Trophy 10,215

Medals (5K+): GBsports-medal, Aragornsports-medal, Kristofferkicksports-medal, Fuzzsports-medal, SDsports-medal, Nickw888sports-medal, Birniesports-medal, Undertaker01sports-medal, Oak Islandsports-medal, PlunderJacksports-medal

The word from Captain Dog Breath:

How does everyone like the new rumble start time for Wed?  Any feedback is welcome!  Saturday rumble will start at the same time for last Saturday, US ET 07:30 pm, 00:30 am Thursday UK time.  That’s it from me, enjoy the event and have a great day.