Saturday, 30 September 2017 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!

It’s the Scottish Seadogs rumble awards!

Hats off to DnD for their win.  And mainly down to their machine Mr. Hammerhead, his final score of 274,642, impressive!

Anyway enough about them!  This is all about the Seadogs!  : )

Impressive final score for us, way above our average, we scored 80,000 more than our last encounter with DnD.  Great job everyone.  We are now 9th ranked as a guild and 8th for rumbles!  Woo hoo!

I think Mr. Hammerhead must be going for top spot on the leaderboard.  He is still going – his total has risen by about 4,000 since the rumble ended.

Today’s Scores:

Drunk N Disorderly 987,741
Scottish Seadogs 572,305
Salty SeaDog 104,390
France Frogs 34,840
Old Man & Sea 3,816

Today’s Rumble Awards:

We have a Golden Anchor award today, our top scorer is:
Seaclearer 62,296!

Congratulations, Seaclearer!

We have 4 Blue Anchor awards today, for scores 25K and higher:
Cr@zy eYe 37,560! Blanquito 34,005! Dog Breath 33,926! Firefly 28,740!

Congratulations, mateys!

Get ready, 17 Trophy winners! For scores 10K and higher:
Intimidator 22,914, Aragorn 21,841, stv1919 19,741, Captain Dutchie 19,663, Jeff Puetz 17,910, Cocobean 17,905, Cap’N Black 17,120, 850Arrr 15,944, Carman5912 14,780, Smudger 14,427, scoopy 14,311, Hooknut 14,210, GB 12,166, Nightbeard 11,528, Lotso 11,330, Mantor 11,010, Govan53 10,926

Well done mateys!

And we have 8 Medal winners, for scores of 5K and higher:
ShiverMe Timbers , Tessa Rose , Rich , srpjd97h , ElFrenetico , Green-eyed Lou , Fuzz , Lady

Fantastic pirating.  Congratulations to all our award winners today!

Okey dokey other news of the day…

Congratulations Mantor on your personal best for PR!

Great to see the Seadog spirit alive and well, it became obvious that we weren’t going to win but we all kept going.  Fantastic effort by everyone.  So great to see so many high scores above our rumble minimums, we never have asked nor will we ask crew to spend gems, but for those who do, we are very appreciative!  : )

A big welcome to Blanquito and Tessa Rose for dropping in for a visit and helping with our rumble!

OK, Seadogs!  That’s it from me.  Have a great day.