Saturday, 19 November 2016 Rumble Awards

Hi Seadogs!  A good battle and a great score today, but we had some tough competition from the new drunkNdisorderly guild, and in the end they were able to keep up the pressure when life called us away.  It was a good close battle for all but the last few hours, but life comes first.  Thanks to everyone for putting up a good fight, and credit to dNd for some very solid scores and performance from their team.  The results:

drunkNdisorderly: 495,312
Scottish Seadogs: 430,956
Oh, Canada Rocks: 86,541
Mexico Unido: 41,384
United Pirates: 13,972

The Golden Anchor (50K+): SeaClearer Golden Anchor 60,135! First golden anchor since April!

The Blue Anchor (25K): ElFrenetico Blue Anchor 35,392!, Cr@zy eYe Blue Anchor 30,205!, Dog Breath Blue Anchor 25,222!

Trophies (10K+): SD Trophy 17,857, Ruben Trophy 16,339, 850arrr Trophy 16,281, Govan53 Trophy 13,984, Ashu Trophy 13,331, Oak Island Trophy 12,687, 10atious Trophy 10,878, Parrothead Trophy 10,807, Ellzee Trophy 10,647, Rich Trophy 10,519, Mick McStaggers Trophy 10,286

Medals (5K+): Argh the Piratesports-medal, Kristofferkicksports-medal, Lotsosports-medal, SlobberchopsTMsports-medal, Boy Named Suesports-medal, Stoney Toothsports-medal, Sicasnisports-medal, GBsports-medal, Laaahsports-medal, Aragornsports-medal, Birniesports-medal, DevonBoy21sports-medal, Fuzzsports-medal, NickW888sports-medal

With Thanksgiving coming up in the US, it’s likely that people will have some busy days and family time, so our next rumble (starting this Wednesday night and running through Thanksgiving day in the US) will be a frumble – just for fun, no minimums.  We’ll be back to rumbling as usual for Saturday’s.  See you there!